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Madi Margolis is a junior at Arizona State University, where she is pursuing a degree in English Literature with minors in film production and French. As a student in Barrett, the Honors College, she works as a tutor at the Barrett Writing Center. Her time at the writing center has encouraged her to explore a career in publishing and editing, which she hopes to learn more about as an intern at SparkPoint Studio.

Though Madi’s academic pursuits are interdisciplinary, her primary interests always come back to reading and writing. She loves essays, and she’s always either writing her own essays or reading other people’s. Aside from essays, Madi enjoys reading the latest book releases, especially if they’re e-books. When she’s not reading, Madi enjoys playing piano, volunteering at film festivals, and going on road trips across the Midwest. Madi also spends her time as a roller skating teacher at Skateland and a tour guide for Barrett.


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