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In celebration of BookSparks‘ 7th birthday, SparkBoss Crystal Patriarche started a #MyIntentProject initiative around the office. Each team member received a My Intent Project bracelet with a word that captures their intent for the year. BookSparks clients got to choose bracelets, too. Here’s what the SparkPoint team chose and why!


Crystal Patriarche, CEO

As I sat down to reflect on the past 7 years, I was reminded over and over how intentional this journey has been. What started at my dining room table with a passion for books has grown into a thriving multimedia studio with offices across the country. The going wasn’t–and still isn’t–always easy. But my intent for BookSparks has always been PASSION. A passion for books and the stories you’re bravely sharing, a passion for our clients and being your biggest cheerleader, a passion for changing the way we approach book publicity.


Cassie Chilton
, Office Assistant

My word is Action. It is one thing to be a social media crusader for a cause you believe in (social, environmental, political, whatever gets ya goin’) and another thing to volunteer your time, energy, and resources to enact tangible change. This bracelet is a reminder to live my life in a conscious and purposeful way, so that I may be the change, rather than just talking about the change. Actions speak louder than words.



Kelly Bowen
, Director of Marketing and Publicity

I picked the word Balance as a reminder to always strive for better balance in my life. Not just a work/life balance, although that’s a big action item, but creating a more holistic, balanced lifestyle encompassing work, exercise and food choices, mindset, finances, relationships…the gamut really!


Janay Lampkin
, Digital Marketing and Brand Manager

I chose the word Fearless because I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and do the things that scare me most. I want to always grow as a creative person and an employee, and it starts with taking risks.





Ashley Brevik, Marketing Specialist

I chose Growth because I’m really looking to push myself this year and grow both personally and professionally. The word is a great reminder that no matter what I go through this year, it’s helping me grow.






Kortney Gruenwald, Content Editor

This year I took the plunge into entrepreneurship by launching my own travel and lifestyle blog. Exploring a new city or country is more to me than being a tourist, it’s about exploring the story behind every part of a culture. From the flavors and people to the history, I want to give my readers the authentic vibe of every destination I share with them and paint them an inclusive portrait so they not only visit a place, but absorb it so much it becomes a part of their lifestyle. That only comes through my intent: mindful and passionate exploring, every moment I spend abroad.


Maggie Ruf
, Graphic and Web Designer

I picked Embrace because I want to embrace everything life brings me – the opportunities, the challenges, and the fact that those are often one and the same.




Robert Soares
, Senior Publicist

Two winters ago, I dealt with depression and anxiety. I struggled with insecurities, as I let physical attributes be to blame for my lack of self-esteem and self-worth. In the midst of all this, I found myself at Disneyland – the happiest place on earth – on Christmas Day – one of the happiest days of the year for a lot of people – yet completely disconnected from my friends and family around me. But even with this, I understood the beauty of it, I understood the magic of the day whether I was able to connect with it or not. The word that best described it was WONDROUS – and I knew that even though I couldn’t connect with that happiness in that moment, I knew that beauty and love still exist. Life is filled with truly WONDROUS moments. And I want to feel every single one.


Kristin Bustamante
, Chief Content Officer

I chose this phrase because it reminds me that there are only so many things I can control, and in the rest I have to just let it be. Oftentimes, the only thing I can control is my approach to a situation. Faith and positivity have the power to impact outcomes. Whatever comes this year, let it be.


Christi Jacir
, Creative Director

I’ve come to realize that every day is a blessing. The bracelet helps remind me of what’s important and to be grateful, especially when going through difficult times.



Our authors are also sending us awesome pictures of their Intent bracelets!


Have your own #MyIntentProject bracelet from BookSparks to share? Be sure to tag us on social!

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