Christelle Lujan has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. From a diary-toting tween to a content marketing pro, she has found a way to make writing her passion and her profession. In college, she jumped between a Creative Writing major and Broadcast Journalism degree at Arizona State University. The merger of those two education paths was found in marketing and PR where she could utilize her creativity and serve a business need. Christelle has worked on marketing, social media and PR campaigns for software companies, restaurants, authors and financial service providers.

Christelle is happily married to the love of her life (and long-time friend of 15 years), Justin. She also has the immense joy of being a mother of four. Christelle is trying to wait patiently for them to be old enough to appreciate being read the entire Harry Potter series.

Christelle originally joined SparkPoint Studio in 2010 as an intern, the company’s very first. After a few years working with varying marketing companies, the desire to be surrounded by books once again led her back to the team. Now as the Content Marketing Manager, she finds great joy in educating and working with authors using content (and story!) as a device for teaching.