With a unique blended background in engineering, platform-building, publishing, design, user experience, content development, publicity, and entrepreneurial know-how, our team is a force to be reckoned with.

Crystal Patriarche
Crystal PatriarcheCEO & President
Coca-cola junkie
Master juggler
Originator of brilliant ideas

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Kristin Bustamante
Kristin BustamanteChief Marketing & Brand Officer
Chronic DIYer
Anti e-reader
Hair color commitment problems

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Christi Jacir
Christi JacirCreative Director
Obsessive sock matchmaker
Loves 80s Troll dolls
Closet Bachelor fan

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Keely Platte
Keely PlattePublicity Director
Trail runner
Book sniffer
Terry Gross’s #1 fan

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Lauren Millea Goveo
Lauren Millea GoveoMarketing & Events Director
Now and then Yogini
Boy Momma
Audible Junky

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Janay Lampkin
Janay LampkinDigital Strategy & Brand Manager
Bubble Bath Believer
Interior Design Obsessed
Coffee Snob

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Tabitha Bailey
Tabitha BaileySenior Publicist
Candy lover
Pallet reconstructionist
Creature Caretaker (kid included)

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Taylor Brightwell
Taylor BrightwellSenior Publicist
Shopping Enthusiast
Lakers Superfan
Sunset Chaser

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Madison Ostrander
Madison OstranderAssociate Publicist
Journal Junkie
Earth Enthusiast
Recreational Runner

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Bianca Repasi
Bianca RepasiAssociate Publicist
Brunch enthusiast
Meme expert
Hot sauce addict

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Lauren Wise
Lauren WiseAssociate Publisher
Book Hoarder
Travel Enthusiast
Rock Music Journalist

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Samatha Strom
Samatha StromEditorial Project Manager
Resident YouTube Expert
Dance Captain
Professional Fangirl

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Shannon Green
Shannon GreenEditorial Project Manager
David Bowie Diehard
Folklore Fanatic
Notebook Magpie

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Christelle Lujan
Christelle LujanContent Marketing Manager
Word hoarder
Wine-thirty initiator
Harry Potter pusher

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Maggie Ruf
Maggie RufSenior Graphic & Web Designer
Color scheme enthusiast
Love story junkie
Mermaid in another life

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Ashley Johnson
Ashley JohnsonContent Editor & Producer
Devoted Dog Mom
Future Stephen King
Sephora Junkie

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Courtney Floegel
Courtney FloegelDigital Marketing & Publicity Associate
Eternal Optimist
Candle Snob
Diet Coke Fanatic

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Allyson Gerrard
Allyson GerrardSocial Specialist
Cat Person
Lover of all things vintage
Enjoys long walks on the beach (really!)

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Shana Velazquez
Shana VelazquezOffice Manager
Sunglasses Hoarder
Waterfall Chaser
Disney Fanatic

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Gloria Medina
Gloria MedinaOffice Assistant
Fashion Enthusiast
Coffee Connoisseur
Art Lover

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Brelee McClelland
Brelee McClellandIntern
Comic Book Nerd
Movie Goer
History Buff

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Jessica Schram
Jessica SchramIntern
Avid Journaler
Poetry Junkie
Ranch Enthusiast

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Elizabeth Schroeder
Elizabeth SchroederIntern
Coffee Enthusiast
Italian Food Lover
Movie Marathon Runner

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Maddie McConnell
Maddie McConnellIntern
Amateur Beauty Guru
Pittsburgh Sports Junkie
Lover of all things caffeinated

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