2016 Year In Review

Looking back on 2016 brings to mind one word: Community. I truly feel that is what sets us apart and allows us to be successful. It’s also what is needed, now more than ever. Last year when we looked back on 2015, I talked a lot about our passion, our incredible team, our awesome clients and our resilience – after all, it’s never easy being a disruptor and challenging the status quo. This year, it’s our community and our sense of mutual purpose and meaningful intent that have continued to propel us forward. In March 2016, we sent out a thank you to all our clients and authors from these past seven years and relayed our intent and helped you find yours – our My Intent Project words ranged from passion to inspiration and more. You let us know your intent and your words for the year, and we celebrated as a community.

Through our industry-leading BookSparks division, our publicity efforts soared in 2016 – more magazine and newspaper print coverage than ever before, more online articles, more content partnerships, more brand partners and even several celebrities joining our community to share about our books.

We now also publish more than 300 authors through our two incredible publishing divisions –  SparkPress and She Writes Press – led by Brooke Warner, who was named a “Pioneer in Publishing.”  With more than 150 awards for the titles we published in 2016, several trade reviews, starred Publisher’s Weekly nods and “best indie book” selections, we are incredibly proud of the strides we are making and the stories our authors are bravely telling.

We worked hard on revamping our community of female authors – SheWrites.com – with nearly 30,000 members from around the globe (and another 1500+ in 2016) and we ended the year with our first-ever  incredible She Writes Press Author Retreat with New York Times bestselling author of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot. Nearly 75 authors, team members and industry experts gathered for an inspiring and educational weekend at The Boulders Resort in Arizona where there was no greater message than how special our COMMUNITY really is.

We are proud of the following snapshot of our 2016 successes. A special thank you to all of our authors, to our team, to our partners – our community is thriving and needed now more than ever to move things forward. For 2017? I am betting on action and activism as our words. We can do this together!

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  1. Michelle Cox January 2017 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    All I can say is – Fabulous!!! So proud to be part of this group! Bravo!

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